by Ellen Good

The third annual Peace at the River Festival was held Saturday, October 8, from 3 to 5 PM at the band-shell at the Carlsbad Beach Park.

Hosted by Carlsbad Mennonite Church, the festival featured Mike Martin of Colorado Springs, who during the program, reforged a hand gun that was provided by the Carlsbad Police Dept.  He turned the gun into a gardening tool.

The festival also featured music, free food and reports from th

e following local organizations that work to reduce violence:      Transitional Housing & Homeless Shelter, Battered Family Shelter,      Eddy Co. Sheriff’s Office, Advocacy Center, Anti-Drug/Gang Coalition, Guardians of the Children, and Carlsbad Mainstreet Project.

Mike Martin also spoke at Carlsbad Mennonite Church in the October 9 Sunday morning worship service and Bible class.

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