Ministerial Council

The work of the Ministerial Council is to deepen spiritual relationships across Mountain States Mennonite Conference


About the Ministerial Council

The Ministerial Council consists of members within Mountain States Conference. Currently three persons have been affirmed by conference leadership as part of the team. The Ministerial Council is currently seeking one more team member. If you are interested in being considered, please email Conference Minister Amy Zimbelman,

The purpose of the Ministerial Council is to work with the Conference Minister in credentialing pastors in the Mountain States Mennonite Conference.  Once churches have chosen a pastor and request licensing, the Ministerial Council meets with them for a sacred conversation, to discern the level of credentialing that the pastor qualifies for based on A Shared Understanding of Ministerial Leadership: Polity Manual for Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Church USA.  Catagories include licensing for a specific ministry, licensing toward ordination or a transfer of ordination from another Mennonite Conference.


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Jordan Farrell – Chair

Jordan Farrell has an M.Div. from Duke Divinity School and has served as pastor of Beth-El Mennonite church for more than six years. Jordan has a deep commitment to fostering healthy communities where everyone is given the space to thrive.




  Barry Bartel

Barry Bartel is a bilingual immigration attorney and active member of Glennon Heights Mennonite Church. Barry grew up in Colorado and has served the regional and national church in many different capacities, including as the conference moderator and on the conference minister team. Barry has a heart for making sure that credentialed leaders have the support and structures in place so they can thrive.