Spiritual Directors and Pastoral Counselors

We are providing a directory of Spiritual Directors and Pastoral Counselors who are already credentialed in MSMC on the website. These persons will complete the application, which requires accountability standards. The Ministerial Council chair and Conference Minister will vet these persons together.

The application is available to church members/attenders of all MSMC churches, regardless of geographic location, in order to offer Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling on ZOOM in a confidential setting. Once vetted, your name will be listed with a brief biography on the Mountain States Conference website here, like the Dialog Resource Team.

Proposal for a Spiritual Directors and Pastoral Counselors Listing

Contact Katie Cunningham, Ministerial Council chair with questions:
Email:  Cunningham.katie.barber@gmail.com or Phone:  (505) 697.0929

Submit an Application


Spiritual Director & Pastoral Counselor Directory

  • Check back here later as the Directory becomes available


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