Prayerstream offers spiritual and emotional care to people in crisis. Just as Mennonite Disaster Service “responds, rebuilds and restores“ people’s physical homes and property, Prayerstream responds after a disaster to help restore minds, hearts, and souls.

A vintage Airstream provides a soulful gathering place for hospitality, care, prayer, and meditation.  Practicing kindness and love, we offer a space for stories to be shared, hearts to be refreshed, and spirits to be renewed.

The Prayerstream team includes chaplains, counselors, teachers, pastors, social workers, and lay people who volunteer to listen and offer support.

Currently we are involved in a number of initiatives to bring spiritual and emotional care to those impacted by the devastating fires in Boulder County. Some of these efforts include:
  • Weekly Tuesday morning at 7am Prayerstream zoom gatherings (zoom link) to offer support
  • Collecting and distributing encouraging notes and cards *Providing comfort kits
  • Listening and being a presence on daily/weekly zoom calls with Boulder County officials and VOAD (volunteer organizations who are responding and coordinating actions)
  • Communicating with families who lost homes or know neighbors who lost theirs
  • Making plans to staff the Airstream, as we are invited, near the Disaster Assistance Center, Distribution Center, a disaster site (possibly in Old Superior), or at Boulder Mennonite Church
  • Working with Mennonite Disaster Service to see if/when they may be helping to clean up or rebuild
  • Following up with projects from 2021 and possibilities for this summer in Grand Lake and the Poudre Canyon
More information on our responses will surely follow as we learn more about what fire survivors need, and as streets and home sites become more accessible.
As always, prayers are welcomed!  For any who have questions or wish to offer support in the form of cards, items for comfort kits, or your presence, contact Carole Suderman: or 303-494-8527


Brenda Fox, Prayerstream Founder and Vision Carrier

A member of Boulder Mennonite Church since 1996, Brenda is still learning the value of community, truth, peace, and justice. Mother of two remarkable young adults, she knows the great joy and satisfaction of a loving family. Brenda graduated from Chicago Theological Seminary, where her heart for public ministry took shape working alongside survivors of torture. For the last 10 years she has served as Chaplain for Hospice of the Estes Valley. Her combined passions and expertise in spiritual care, trauma recovery, grief work, and mindfulness have led to her life’s mission to “pray without ceasing.” Brenda can be reached by email at


Prayerstream Mindfulness for Children

As Prayerstream offers spiritual care, we also invite children to opportunities for mindfulness and stories.Mindfulness Exercises for Children, by Carole Suderman of Boulder MC:


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