Prayerstream – A mobile sanctuary designed to bring spiritual care and prayer to people affected by natural or human caused disasters.


Brenda Fox, Prayerstream Founder and Vision Carrier

A member of Boulder Mennonite Church since 1996, Brenda is still learning the value of community, truth, peace, and justice. Mother of two remarkable young adults, she knows the great joy and satisfaction of a loving family. Brenda graduated from Chicago Theological Seminary, where her heart for public ministry took shape working alongside survivors of torture. For the last 10 years she has served as Chaplain for Hospice of the Estes Valley. Her combined passions and expertise in spiritual care, trauma recovery, grief work, and mindfulness have led to her life’s mission to “pray without ceasing.” Brenda can be reached by email at


Prayerstream Testimonials:

“My heart is heavy as I watch the violence, the hate, the lies spreading in our country. What is mine to do in a time like this? As I meditate and pray about this, I know it helps to meet with zoom groups like our Prayerstream Group to pray and reflect together.

I sense there will be more trouble in our land.  In the meantime, my intuition tells me to hope in the light of Christ and to continue to look for that light of love, justice, kindness, truth and hope shining through others.  God, you in whom we live and move and have our being, give me the wisdom, courage, and energy to recognize my own light and to add it to the light of others.”  Marilyn Miller

 “I was happy to receive the video from the Epiphany Prayerstream in time to use it for my reflection yesterday.  I am clinging to this group and what it stands for more and more as the days ensue.  I am so grateful that our Conference is offering us this gathering place.  I loved how Anita connected us to our ancestors in the Caves of Switzerland, although, thankfully we are not at such risk praying together.  And, I’ve been carrying around the definition of Faith with me in these days: it is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see.  “Praying” more than I ever have!”  Annaken Toews


Prayerstream Mindfulness for Children

As Prayerstream offers spiritual care, we also invite children to opportunities for mindfulness and stories.

Mindfulness Exercises for Children, by Carole Suderman of Boulder MC:


COVID-19 Resources

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National Resources, from MCUSA

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