Leadership Board


Ryan Koch, Moderator
Glennon Heights Mennonite Church
Learn more about Ryan here.



Linda Mawhorter
Albuquerque Mennonite Church
Linda Mawhorter has been a member of Albuquerque Mennonite Church since 2017. The hospitality and open attitude attracted her immediately. Originally from Denver, she lived in Albuquerque for ten years in the 90’s and again now since 2014. Linda is a retired physician. She then graduated from Bangor Theological Seminary in 2013, volunteered and now works part time as a Chaplain at UNM Hospital. Linda lives with husband, Phil, and their two dogs, Teddy and Max, and enjoys reading, cooking, and (New) Mexican food. “I look forward to learning about MSMC and the broader workings of the Mennonite church.”








Wilmer Villacorta
Mountain Community Mennonite Church


Wilmer Villacorta is an ordained minister with MCUSA and a professor at Fuller Theological Seminary. Mountain Community Mennonite Church is the place he calls home where he serves as an elder and digital media coordinator. He is married to Jeannie and has four adult kids and two grandsons. Wilmer has served in the LB before and he looks forward to reengaging fruitful conversation on behalf of the conference. Two books he has published deal with topics of power, spiritual formation, gender equity, and fostering equal partnership for women in leadership.


Pao Thao
Rocky Mountain Hmong Mennonite Church




Zachary Martinez
Sojourn Mennonite Church


Zach Martinez is new to the Mennonite tradition, but he has found its commitment to peace and justice inspiring. A Colorado native, Zach’s hobbies include hiking, biking, and walking his dogs. He and his wife Megan, and their daughter Margot live in Greeley. He earned a BA in Philosophy from the University of Northern Colorado and a Master of Divinity from North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago. He has been with Sojourn since 2016. Zach enjoys drinking coffee and craft beer, especially with friends.

Youth Coordinator


Mennonite Women

Jeni Hiett Umble
Living Light of Peace

Ministerial Council

Katie Cunningham (Albuquerque)
Randy Spaulding (Boulder Mennonite)
Debbie Miller (Glennon Heights)

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