SEED Project


Seek, Explore, Encourage, and work to Develop vital churches

Grant applications will be considered in SEED’s quarterly meetings, and decided on, in person during meetings. Grants can be for congregational use or for a specific ministry, and they (grants) must show significant congregational buy-in, such as a financial match and or leadership support. Grant seekers can develop a SEED sponsor, or one can be suggested for them.  There is still grant money in the 2019 budget, and we encourage all of those interested to please apply. GRANT APPLICATION.

There is a vacancy on the SEED committee and we encourage any interested parties to apply.

For 2018 we offered support to Peter Sprunger-Froese and the bannering/protesting he and others do against war; they have been bannering for over 20 years in the Colorado Springs area. We are looking forward to supporting the upcoming Immigration Round Table Sept 28th-30th, a partnership between MCC, MSMC, and others exploring one of the important issues of our time. SEED is planning to support the emerging Women in Leadership work MCUSA is creating by offsetting the costs of conference fees and materials.

2017 was an interesting year for SEED. We worked with Sojourn Mennonite in Ft. Collins, CO to explore church planting and shared worship with new and existing church groups. We also used our resources to help two people from MSMC to attend the Sent Gathering in Chicago. Additionally, we were able to offer resources to Carlsbad Mennonite for the “Peace at the River Festival” in Oct 2017.




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