SEED Project


Seek, Explore, Encourage, and work to Develop vital churches

The idea for a project that would explore and develop divergent ways to extend, expand and deepen our relationships within our various communities, while honoring our Anabaptist traditions first began during the 2009 annual assembly, when Herm Weaver, former conference minister, offered a challenge for us here in the Mountain States Conference.  His challenge was for those in the Mountain States Conference to lean into diverse and various ideas to extend community.  Shortly thereafter the SEED committee was formally established.



Seek, Explore, Encourage and Develop vital churches and new congregational objectives also knows as SEED currently consists of a committee of eight individuals, from seven Mennonite congregations in Colorado and New Mexico, that meet quarterly to discuss ways to further the challenge presented to us, by Herm.



A SEED fund was established as a line item in the Mountain States Mennonite Conference annual budget, to support new initiatives, by providing grants to support, execute and formalize the commitment to that end.



Throughout the years SEED has provided grants to projects as varied as the communities and individuals, in Mountain States Conference.  SEED is sincerely committed to assisting those ministries that may not fall within the realm of traditional and or conventional.  The grant application is simple and can be completed online.  Grants can be provided for congregational use or for a specific ministry.  Grant applications will be considered four times a year, at SEEDs quarterly meetings, held in winter; spring; summer and fall.  SEED grants must show significant congregational buy-in, such as a financial match  and or leadership support.  Grantees will need a sponsor, from the SEED committee, if the grantee doesn’t have one, SEED will appoint one for them.


The SEED Committee is currently seeking team members. If you are interested in being considered, please email Moderator Ryan Koch,


SEED Project



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