By Nick King, Pastor, Carlsbad Mennonite Church

The Doctrine of Discovery was a new concept for many of us here in Carlsbad before our new moderator, Ken Gingerich and his wife Leona, gifted us with their presence and the presentation of this dark and enduring part of history on February 12. He gave an inspiring sermon on Luke 15 about the lost and the least, and tied that into the church’s position in the 15th Century about how to deal with “discovered” and “pagan” lands and people. That Papal Bull still bears its ugly fruit today. During the Sunday School hour he continued with handouts and the posters that introduced an even deeper 5 or 9 week study guide. We did not have time for the DVD documentary, but hope to do that some Sunday evening as a church. This was very worthwhile for us, and Ken may well be available to speak for your church, too.

As a real bonus, Leona Gingerich is an accomplished musician and pianist that really brought to life our hymns of praise.
May God bless our new moderator and may you use him to the fullest.

Pictured are Ernest Good, Ron Collins, Ken Gingerich, and Dick Rhodes with the Doctrine of Discovery posters

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