Spotted Skunk

Seeing animals at camp is not unusual. However, certain kinds of creatures are rarer than others. In early December, staff and volunteers noticed a spotted skunk outside of the Lodge digging in the leaves for food. This critter was also seen disappearing into a burrow near the Director’s Residence. The spotted skunk is a member of a species common in Colorado. It’s the first of this kind of skunk that our volunteer naturalist (Jill White) and her husband Tom Unruh (Maintenance Director) have seen or heard about near camp. Despite their name, these skunks do not have spots, other than one on the forehead. They average between 14 and 18 inches long. Late one evening, the skunk sent its odor wafting through camp. Apparently, spotted skunks when threatened do a handstand and stomp their feet before spraying. Thankfully we haven’t seen this yet, only smelled it.

Come To The Mountain!
Summer sun, cool breezes, blue sky…are you thinking summer camp at RMMC again? You should be! It’s not too early to register (29 campers have already done it!). With lots of new and fun activities planned, come back to the mountain this summer! Look for the summer brochure coming to your mailbox in early February. Until then, go to the online registration page to sign up.

“For years I have considered RMMC my home away from home. I am going to miss being a camper.” – Senior High Resident camper

“I liked learning new songs. Now I can teach them to my sister.” – 4&5 Grade Resident camper

“[The activities] helped me learn new things and make new friends.” – 6&7 Grade Resident camper

Pictured above: 6&7 Grade Resident campers at the top of Solution Pools.

Who’s Been Helping
Thank you to all the volunteers that have helped at camp in the month of December.
Gerry Oakes, Meredith Oakes, Austin Regier, Jason Smoker, Ben Wiens, Paul Yoder
Pictured: Ben Wiens and Austin Regier pose with their freshly chopped wood pile next to the Sky-Hi View cabin.

You’ve Been Spotted!
We spotted Phyllis Weaver (Hesston, KS) wearing her RMMC sweatshirt. Phyllis, Grael, and Adam Weaver (pictured), along with Phyllis’ husband Robert, visited Northern Ireland this past May. Here they are pictured at at Carrickfergus Castle.  Thanks, Phyllis, for sharing RMMC with Northern Ireland! Share your “spotted” photo with us. Email it to

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