Who do you turn to in times of crisis? Most likely to a friend, your mother or your sister. And they turn to you. We care for one another. We do this intuitively. But sometimes it wears us out. Sometimes we feel at a loss. Sometimes, especially when the hurts are deep, we need help in knowing what to do, how to respond and how to stay sane in the process.

Mennonite Women USA has developed a series of 12 learning sessions to equip women to walk longside those who are hurting. This series is called Sister Care. It is often offered as a weekend seminar. It can also be offered over a period of time, one session at a time. The series as a whole is a complete course, each session building on the ones before. The end goal is women who have gained knowledge and practical skills which will allow them to care well for themselves as they provide care for others, women who are able more confidently to be the hands and feet of Jesus –God with skin on – for those who are in need of holding and healing.

Charlene Epp, chaplain and spiritual director, and Betsy Headrick McCrae, pastor, are offering to lead 12 Sister Care sessions beginning in January 2016. These sessions, which are divided into four units by topic, will be held at Glennon Heights Mennonite Church, 11480 W. Virginia Ave., Lakewood,
on the second Tuesday evening of the month from 7:00 to 8:30 PM

The invitation to participate goes out to all women, whether related to a Mennonite church or not. Please feel free to offer this opportunity to friends who might find this helpful. Since we need to be able to gauge interest and order materials to be ready for the first session on January 12, please let us know by December 12 if you are interested. We’re also open to talking with you about this if you have questions.

We encourage you to join a global community of sisters caring well for sisters.
Charlene Epp, 971-404-4456, charleneepp@frontier.com

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