Dear MSMC,

It’s been a privilege to serve as Moderator these last years (not without some challenges, but a privilege still!).  I treasure the relationships that have grown.  And I so value having seen so many working in so many ways to live as followers of our Christ and our Savior, Jesus.  I continue to be impressed with so many goodnesses, so many evidences of God’s Spirit moving around and among us.  Yes, it’s been a time of change.  Change can be scary.  Change can also be life-giving.  I often see change as evidence that Christ continues to be born among us, that the Spirit continues to move us more towards the way of Jesus.  May it be so.

Thanks for the ways we have sought to discern and to do together.  Thanks also for the appreciation gift of the Ten Thousand Villages gift card; I will enjoy supporting such a worthy organization.

I will continue to be around and with you pursuing God’s dreams by the power of the Holy Spirit, in the way of Jesus Christ.

I invite your prayers and support for new Moderator, Ken Gingerich.  I truly believe God has called him for this service in this time!

Wishing for each and all the blessings of knowing our loving and faithful God!

Karen Cox, Outgoing MSMC Moderator

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