By Rita Balzer, MSMC Treasurer

Click on the link to view the financial report.
2016 12 31 Financial Report

We ended the year slightly in the black! Congregations gave 95% of what was budgeted from them. For a few giving was affected by the timing of budget preparations (mid-year) while some congregations were not able, or chose not to give. Other churches exceeded expectations.

Two other income lines to note are the “Other Contributions and Donations” which exceeded our budgeted income by 70%; and the “Reserves Transfer” where we only needed to use 60% of what was budgeted.

Due to mid-year changes in staffing which resulted in a reduction in FTE and related expenses there was a significant difference in what was budgeted vs actual income in the “Salaries and Benefits” and “Conference Ministry Expense” categories.

Our “Office and Capital” expenses also came in under budget, as did our “Gatherings, Discernment and Decision-Making” categories.
The “Supporting our Mission” category appears to have over-spent, but the amount that was expensed for “Designated TWIMC” is offset with the “Designated TWIMC income”. The majority of these funds came from a SEED fundraiser for the medical expenses of Rebeca Torres.

The “Various Designated Income and Expenses” box (mid-budget) shows funds that passed through our books from our congregations to places like MCUSA, MMN, MDS, and MCC to name a few.

It is my pleasure to serve as conference treasurer.  If you have any questions regarding the budget and finances, please feel free to contact me.

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