Memorial Day Work & Play Retreat

Spend your Memorial Day weekend at RMMC for the annual Work and Play Retreat, May 26-29! The weekend begins at 7:00pm on Friday and ends after breakfast on Monday.

On Saturday, participants will help camp with a variety of projects to help get Camp ready for summer. The project list includes (but are not limited to!) spring cleaning a few cabins, setting up the volleyball net, moving the snow tube bridge, replacing the benches at the Goldmine (adding bench seats), completing the insulation and interior wall finishing in Staffville cabins, and installing path lights from the A-frame to Aspen.

Sunday is the “play” part of the weekend including a morning worship service and brunch, leaving the afternoon for hiking, playing on the pond, taking a nap, or whatever other interests you have!

Individuals and families with children are all welcome to attend. We have projects that can be adjusted for skill level and ages. One parent will be responsible for their children while the other volunteers, as no childcare is provided. So bring the whole family! Register online (,
call (719-687-9506) or email ( to let us know you can come!

Rainbow Trout

Again this year, the pond at RMMC is swimming with fish. The pond was stocked with about 50 rainbow trout in late April. With warmer temperatures this spring, the pond had already begun to melt. After the fish were acclimated to the water temperature they were released into the pond. Campers and guests visiting RMMC this summer can try their hand at catch-and-release fishing this summer or just enjoying seeing them swimming under a paddle boat.

Who’s Been Helping
Thank you to all the volunteers that have helped at camp in the month of April.
Joel Beachy, Laura Beachy, Malinda Beachy, Martha Beachy, Nathan Beachy, Shari Beachy, Silas Beachy, Tina Beachy, JD Bontrager, Joanna Bontrager, Leah Bontrager, Maribeth Bontrager, Micah Bontrager, Sarah Bontrager, Wayne Bontrager, Austin Borntrager, James Borntrager, Jason Borntrager, Jay Borntrager, Sara Borntrager, Karen Hershberger, Keith Hershberger, Lorinda Hershberger, Sara Hershberger, Heidi Johnson, John Lamman, Dennis LeFevre, Jen LeFevre, Eldon Martens, Dave Miller, Ken Nisly-Nagele, Janelle Ropp, Laverta Ropp, Loretta Ropp, Katie Schrock, Ed Shirk, Ethan Spicher, Jean Spicher, Jeff Spicher, Ardell Swartzendruber, Fannie Thomas, Rich Thomas, Tina Troyer, Ron Weaver, Roger White, Virgil White, Amanda Yoder, Jason Yoder, Larry Yoder, Nancy Yoder, Rachel Yoder and Rose Yoder.

Pictured: Volunteers work on upgrading the Goldmine Amphitheater seats by installing new railroad ties for a more level foundation. Pictured left to right are Dennis LeFevre,JD Bontrager and Ed Shirk.





Pictured: A group of volunteers from the Hutchinson, Kansas area accomplished a lot of work during the four days they were here in late April. We are grateful for their great work ethic and many hands to complete so much in such a short time.




Come Volunteer
There are always projects to complete here at camp that need volunteer hands. If you have interest in helping out, give us a call, send us an email, or check out Sign Up Genius website to see where you can fit in.


You’ve Been Spotted!

We spotted Roger White (Hesston, KS) wearing his RMMC t-shirt. Roger was on vacation in Key West, Florida. He has volunteer many times at RMMC as well as enjoying camp as a guest during family reunions and other gatherings.

We also spotted Mary Bontrager at Universal Studios at the Jurassic Park exhibit in Orlando, Florida. She is pictured here along with her husband, Dale.

Thanks, Roger and Mary, for sharing RMMC with Florida!

Share your “spotted” photo with us! Email it to

Mark Your Calendars
May 26-29: Memorial Day Work & Play Retreat
June 4-10: Colorado Roots Music Camp (guest group) – Kitchen volunteers needed!
June 11-17: Sr High Resident / 6th &7th Grade Wilderness I camps
June 18-24: 8th & 9th Grade Resident / 6th &7th Grade Wilderness II camps
June 25-July 1: 6th &7th Grade Resident / 8th & 9th Grade Wilderness I camps
July 2-8: 4th & 5th Grade Resident / 8th & 9th Grade Wilderness II camps
July 9-15: 6th & 7th Grade Wilderness III camp
July 21-23: 3rd Grade Resident camp
July 23-28: Family Camp I
July 23-29: Sr High Wilderness I Camp
July 30-August 4: Family Camp II
July 30-August 5: Sr High Wilderness II Camp

Read About RMMC
In addition to the monthly newsletter, a seasonal Trail Call is also published. To be on the email list to receive that publication, sign up on our website at

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