Good day to all! We are looking forward to working with each of you toward another successful MCC Sale this fall in Rocky Ford. Honestly, the year has gone by so fast that it does not seem possible for it to be about two months before we are all together again.

I have been reading the MCC publication, A Common Place. It reminds me of the wide variety of tasks, the depth and breadth of the impact on volunteers and the recipients. An excerpt from the summer publication states, A Dari proverb says, “Drop by drop, a river becomes a river.” For Mohammad Osman Hemat, executive director of MCC partner HELP the Afghan Children, that’s a good metaphor for the work to build peace. We are doing small things but one day it will be a river.

The stories shared this summer and spring reflect the many regions being reached. They include a goat herding region of Chad, the Indian state of Jharkhand, Lebanon, Syrian refugees, Burkina Faso, Congo, Nepal, Jordan and the Philippines. I believe that one point stands out to me and that is the thread that consistently goes through each story. It is that MCC “partners” with other organizations. This togetherness seems to believe that it is important to fill a need and to empower those affected. I would encourage you to find a copy of the publication, A Common Place and read these inspirational stories.

We see our MCC Sale as a conduit to several things. The community we are building as we all come together with the intent of sharing our resources so that many needs throughout the world can be met. The opportunity to visit with, laugh with, play with and make new friends. The opportunity to share our skills of making an item or helping set up or take down or working in a booth or concession in order to build a better world.

We anxiously await the opportunity to be together again.

Make your calendar and make a room reservation.
2016 Rocky Mountain MCC Relief Sale
October 14 and 15, 2016
Rocky Ford, Colorado Fair Grounds

~ Richard and Linda Wyse, Sale Coordinators

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