Good Friday Vigil Photos

Video + Article from Fox 31,

Boulder Daily Camera article, reposted to The Denver Post

Good Friday in the parking lot of BMC was a blessed event!  A 5 hour vigil in honor of lives lost to gun violence right across the street and all across the country. Hearts were open, anvil, forge and hammering transformed guns to garden tools; disarming our fears and bringing us back to life after the shock of the shooting. Music and prayer were offered with deep sorrow and solidarity.

MSMC came together in a testimony of how community, faith, action and prayer can step in boldly to such traumatic and incomprehensible events. Mike and Fred Martin made the first move offering their RAWtools vigil to BMC and the broader Boulder community. Pastor Randy had already opened the church in the midst of holy week and spent many hours in community services since the shooting. Amy Zimbleman, conference minister, offered support with a spirit-filled reflection that read like thunder. Brenda Fox and the Prayerstream team joined with the entire BMC community, to make the parking lot a welcoming and safe space. And most certainly, God set the stage with the full warmth of the sun and blue skies throughout!

Brenda Fox


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