A Statement from MSMC Leadership Board
Conference Ministry Team

This week we watched in horror as Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in the back by a police officer.  Yet again, another Black body was not treated as the image of God.  Our prayers go to him and his family and to the Black communities who are facing threats to their safety every day.  But, of course, thoughts and prayers are only a beginning.  There must be action.

The MSMC Leadership Board and Ministry Team declare that the idolatrous injustice of white supremacy and white silence cannot stand any longer.  Creation calls out for change.  Throughout history God has taken the side of the oppressed and proclaimed judgment on the oppressors.  At this moment, to work for justice is to declare: Black Lives Matter.  Anti-racism takes many forms:  marching, reading, listening, confronting, repenting, repairing.  The call of Christ compels us to no longer remain silent and passive. As a board and as a ministry team, we commit to individually and collectively take steps to confront racism in our lives, communities, and institutions wherever we find it.  We call all Mountain State Mennonite Conference congregations and passion ministries to join in this commitment.

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