by Mary Etta and Linford King, Transition Conference Ministers

In visiting twelve of the nineteen churches so far, we have met many of you and are beginning to feel at home in Mountain States Mennonite Conference. We have plans to complete visiting all congregations by the end of April.

We are discovering the diversity among us (geographical, cultural and theological) which is no surprise to you. These differences add a richness to our lives but also some challenges. So, how will we connect with one another? How will we weave these various threads of color and strength into a beautiful tapestry?

The call to prayer from Zechariah’s prophecy in Luke 1:76-79 is for us today. This prayer invites us to insert our own names as we go about our daily lives. As we interact with one another and our neighbors, we share the Good News of salvation, the forgiveness and freedom that God offers all of us. Together we go before the Lord to prepare the way in the Light of God’s love.

Please use this prayer as you remember our nineteen congregations in Mountain States Mennonite Conference. Pray it also for your communities and the world. We will use it too, in our corporate gatherings in 2016.

A bookmark will soon come your way in English, Spanish, Hmong, and Navajo to help us pray for one another. We call it our Common Prayer.

In visiting Alamosa in December, we met the five Voluntary Service folks as well as Alice Price, administrator, and a few other friends. In their city they are managing the Rio Grande Healthy Living Park, a program of a non-profit local foods agency called San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition. A lot of energy goes into maintaining this property. They also invite anyone, especially those who will help to lead worship on Sundays, to visit their church and VS unit.

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